Wearable Weight/Workout Manager

By Dinesh C. Sharma, CNET News.com

A tech company is hoping to help fitness-conscious consumers keep an eye on their waistlines by marketing a wearable, Web-ready monitoring device in health clubs. BodyMedia’s Bodybugg is a calorie management device designed to monitor total energy expenditure. A Web site accessible to Bodybugg users takes data from the device and automatically estimates calories consumed based on body mass changes, BodyMedia said. So there’s no need for individuals to log their caloric intake or exercise, the Pittsburgh-based company said.

The gizmo keeps constant count of an individual’s total calories burned as well as other data such as body temperature and position. The information is first stored on the armband and then uploaded wirelessly to the wearer’s computer. From the PC, it’s transmitted to BodyMedia’s servers where it’s interpreted and translated into usable information and sent back to the user’s desktop, the company said.

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