Watts Up? PRO ES Power Meter

Watts Up? PRO ES Power Meter Do you really know what it costs to run your electric water heater or energy-efficient refrigerator? You can find out by plugging those or any other electrical appliance into the Watts Up? PRO ES which will display the wattage being used and the actual cost in dollars and cents.

This is a great device to bring on shopping trips for appliances or even computers and this allows you to track down your worst energy offenders at home.
The Watts Up? PRO ES stores 6,500 data points in non-volatile memory, which can be retrieved even if power is lost. The sample rate resolution increases over time, beginning at one second (sample rate equals total time divided by 1000), so years of usage can be accurately recorded. The included serial cable and software program allow the data to be quickly downloaded to a PC where the software creates a data table and easily manipulated graphs. The data can also be exported in a comma-delimited format to popular spreadsheet programs for further analysis.


Suggested Price: $212.99