Wall Nuts

Wall Nuts

Yes, wall nuts are the Gizmo of the Day! Why? Well, the worst part of doing electrical work around the house is connecting wires together in a j-box. Well, that and getting shocked!

I hate using needlenose pliers to twist a couple of strong solid copper wires together and then use the old style wall nuts. What’s even worse is when you don’t have pliers and you twist the cable with your fingers. This will gnarl up your fingertips everytime.

Well, I ran across the coolest little gizmo that lets you secure the connection by inserting the wire into the housing! This is great for installing new ceiling fans, light fixtures, extending electical boxes and installing dimmers and other powerline home automation switches. Why didn’t I think of this?

Wire nuts come in handy for J-box installations, but wires can pull out accidentally, leaving you without a secure connection. Guarantee perfect four-wire grounding installations every time with this 100-pack of 4-Conductor Ground Wall Nuts. Safe for use with 18- to 12-gauge solid wire or 16- to 12-gauge stranded wire, these wire connectors will hold wires securely so they can’t pull out accidentally. A transparent housing provides easy inspection.

Price: $9.99
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