Video Game Handhelds To Go Head to Head

By Graham Hiscott

A battle between two of the biggest names in computer gaming will open on a new front this week. Japanese giant Nintendo is preparing to launch its newest handheld games console in the UK on Friday. The DS promises a host of hi-tech features for those who like playing video games on-the-go. It has two screens, including one controllable by touch, plus technology to enable players to compete against up to 16 other DS owners situated close by or send text messages and drawings.

But Nintendo will be nervously awaiting the arrival of another handheld console – Sony’s PlayStation Portable, or PSP for short. The pocket version of Sony’s best-selling video games console has already been voted the hottest gadget of the year – even before its launch. It will almost certainly be more expensive than the Nintendo DS but comes equipped with technology to play movies, eventually available on tiny discs, and download music. The PSP has the facility for wireless connection which, like the DS, allows players to go head-to-head.

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