Unlock Your Doors Remotely via INSTEON

Turning lights on and off are just a fraction of what you can do with your home automation system. I/O Linc’s INSTEON Remote Control Door Strike Kit actually allow you to allow entry or exit by locking or unlocking doors at a press of a button, even remotely from work.

The electric door strike is hardwired to the delay timer/relay and both are powered by a power supply. The delay timer/relay is then connected to the output of the included I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (1 In / 1 Out), which simply plugs into an available outlet. When I/O Linc receives a signal from any linked INSTEON device, the built-in programmable relay can keep a door or gate open for up 25 seconds before automatically locking. By using the delay/timer relay, you gain the added flexibility of keeping a door or gate unlocked for up to 60 minutes. This kit gives you the control to regulate access to and from your property.

Suggested Price: $137.99

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