Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder

Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder When it comes to portable electronic gadgets, thin is always in. We constantly want to see our electronics becoming lighter, smaller and thinner so that we can have the justification to buy a shiny new toy. Yes, new features are always nice – but what we really want is a gadget so thin it will blow the mind of anyone who even gets a passing glance of it.

This credit card size digital voice recorder measures in at just 6.5 millimeters in thickness and features 1GB of built-in storage, a flip-out USB connector, and flush-mounted controls. It can also be used as a MP3 player and USB flash drive. It records in high quality WAV file format and files can be easily copied or deleted just as with a standard USB storage device. Convenient and highly portable design mean you can take it with you just about anywhere with minimum hassle.


Suggested Price: $69.99