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If you’re an Instant Messenger fiend, then you’ve probably already heard of Trillian, Cerulean’s Studios IM client aggregator. You’ve probably also heard of Trillian Astra which is Cerulean’s latest version that integrates a slew of new and very popular IM platforms such as Facebook, Google (Jabber), Twitter, Skype and much more.

Cerulean touts over 400 features, which we obviously can’t do justice explaining here. But let’s bottom line it for you right now: if you were ever using Trillian before, then you need to do yourself a favor and upgrade to Astra.

Here are but a few of the features that we like: first and foremost is the extensive support of various IM networks. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also connect to MySpace, Bonjour, AIM, Yahoo, MSN (Windows Live), ICQ and more.

Astra is better at supporting audio and video chat; it does a great job of showing timestamps in IM windows, and better skins that delineate who said what when. I particularly like that when you pull up an IM window, it shows you as much of the recent chat history as the window can hold. The history management is much better as well.

Astra is available for Windows, there’s a Web version and versions for iPhone and MacOSX are in the works.

Download the free version of Astra from Trillian.IM or get the Pro version for $25.

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Price: $25
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