palmOne Treo 650

The Treoâ„¢ 650 smartphone from palmOne makes it easier than ever to stay connected. It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging, and web access.3 There’s also Bluetooth® technology so you can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. Not to mention an MP3 player, a digital camera that… Continue reading palmOne Treo 650

Panasonic SL-SX430 Portable CD/MP3 Player with D-Sound

This portable CD/MP3 player provides some unusual benefits along with the ability to play CDs, CDRs, CDRWs, and CDs with MP3 files. The first is “advanced D-sound technology, which is essentially a combination of a digital amplifier, which helps reduce distortion for crystal-clear sound at higher volume levels; S-XBS and digital audio gain control, which… Continue reading Panasonic SL-SX430 Portable CD/MP3 Player with D-Sound

Which Handheld is right for you?

Thumbs. For centuries, they have conveyed the simplest of messages. Up/down, good/bad, salvation/lion chow. But look at the folks in the elevators, the checkout lines, even crawling along in traffic jams. They’re tapping madly with thumbs on the tiny keyboards of wireless gizmos. The other eight digits — who needs ’em? For digital nomads, this… Continue reading Which Handheld is right for you?

BlackBerry in Sync with Apple

Jay Wrolstad, Information Appliance Associates is offering an application that links the BlackBerry mobile e-mail platform with Mac OS X, further extending BlackBerry’s considerable reach. With the PocketMac BlackBerry Edition, users can sync their BlackBerry handheld with a Mac PC, enabling the interchange of contact and calendar information, as well as notes.