TiVo TCD540040 Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder

TiVo TCD540040 Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder

TiVo’s Series2 DVR delivers plenty of recording capacity in addition to offering entertainment services like digital music, digital photos, remote scheduling, and hassle-free favorites recording. All this and the famed luxury of being able to pause and view instant replays of live television, too. TiVo DVRs record television programming directly to an onboard digital ATA/IDE hard drive, eliminating the hassles of videotape (imprecise tape searching, head cleaning, steadily degrading picture, fuzzy sound, etc.). This Series2 TiVo, model TDC540040, offers 40 GB storage for up to 40 hours of recording time in TiVo’s best-looking chassis yet.

The Series2 has 2 USB ports, offering people with home networks the ability to stream photos and music to their TiVo, or send programs from one TiVo to another. This connectivity also lets TiVo subscribers access exciting entertainment services through the TiVo Home Media Features, which consists of the TiVo Digital Music Player, TiVo Digital Photo Viewer, and Multi-Room Viewing.

The TiVo Digital Music Player lets you enjoy your computer’s MP3 collection through your home entertainment sound system. Access and control your entire digital music collection via your TV; shuffle your music library by artist, album, or type of music; and create a custom playlist on your computer or use third-party software to develop playlists for every mood.

The TiVo Digital Photo Viewer accesses digital photos stored on your computer and showcases them on your TV. View photo albums and slideshows on your TV screen, easily navigate, search, and view your computer’s entire digital photo library, play and control slideshows of photo albums, and use the remote control to select and view individual photos.

Multi-Room Viewing is designed for households with two Series2 DVRs and allows you to record a show on one DVR and send it to another if your kids are watching in the living room, say, and you’re watching in the bedroom. You can also start a program on one DVR and pick up where you left off on your other DVR, as well as access the Now Playing list of a connected Series2 DVR at any time.

You can also find and schedule recordings even when you’re away from home. With Online Scheduling, you’ll have the freedom to schedule programs from anywhere you have a computer with an Internet connection. Just sign in to TiVo Central Online to access the same recording options you have at home.

The Series2 DVR is compatible with virtually every television available. It also works with VCRs, TV antennas, cable systems, and satellite systems. A patented universal remote control simplifies program recording and controls multiple TiVos within the home (2 devices can share your existing phone line). Connections include: 3 video inputs and outputs (S-video, composite-video, and RF coaxial), 1 set of stereo RCA analog audio inputs, and 2 sets of stereo audio outputs.

TiVo subscribers can pay $12.95 per month or a one-time product lifetime fee of $299. Other benefits of TiVo service include but are by no means limited to: Season Pass (TiVo automatically finds and records every episode of a series all season long, even if the network schedule changes), WishList (TiVo finds and records programs that feature your favorite actor, director, team, or even topic), Smart Recording (TiVo detects line-up changes for you and suggests programs to match your interests, if desired), and Showcases (exclusive entertainment plus recording shortcuts from some of the most popular networks on TV). You can even train TiVo to autorecord more shows you’ll love when you use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on the supplied remote. Parental controls let you lock channels or set ratings limits based on content.

What’s in the Box

TiVo DVR, user’s manual, 1 stereo analog audio/video interconnect, 1 RJ-11 phone “Y” splitter, 1 dual IR blaster cable, 1 AC power cord, one 25-foot RJ-11 telephone cable, 2 AA batteries, 1 RG-6 coaxial cable, 1 DB-9 serial cable, a user’s manual, and warranty information.

Product Description

TiVo TCD540040 Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder: Just like VCRs, but without the hassles and poor quality of videotape. Tell it once and TiVo records an entire season of your favorite shows, even if the schedule changes. Pause live TV and find shows with your favorite actor, team, even topic-easy. Record up to 40-hours of shows, which are saved on a hard drive and listed on-screen for playback in any order. Just buy a TiVo DVR, activate the TiVo service and tell TiVo what you like to watch. It hooks up to your TV and uses your existing phone line. You’ll never watch TV the same way again!

Price: $199.99
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