TiVo Series3 DRM Glitch: No HBO For You!

According to this article at CNET, if you connect a TiVo Series3 to a JVC A/V receiver via HDMI you will uncover a DRM glitch presenting you with an error mentioning that viewing is not permitted!

While tests confirmed that the HDMI output on the Series3 passed all video and audio to various HDTVs installed. The problem occurs when using A/V switching equipment such as receivers with HDMI switching (and currently this glitch has only occured while trying to access content while switching through JVC receivers such as the older RX-D702 and RX-D411).

Considering the TiVo Series3 does not ship with TiVo To Go features (Who killed TiVo To Go), the only way to archive your recordings on a TiVo Series3 are to record the programs real-time to a VCR or DVD Recorder.

You can learn more about the wonders of TiVo's DRM here.

Source: DVR Playground