TiVo Changes Political Advertising

Politicians are struggling to get the word out about their campaigns with TiVo and other DVRs becoming more and more prevalent in households. Because of DVRs, political advertising has attempted to use new media as well with video ads on Goog-tube, Podcasts and Vodcasts. According to StarTribune:

Special interests tossed $2 billion at politicians this election cycle. But technology such as TiVo, the Internet, satellite radio, DVDs and the like make it more difficult to reach potential voters with TV ads, which account for the largest chunk of campaign expenses in major races.

“Certainly it makes it more difficult to get your message out because people now have the option of viewing commercials,” said Mark Drake, communications director for the Republican Party of Minnesota.

The article goes on to mention that young people, who are being targeted with the new media ads, simply are not “rocking the vote” and do not turn out at the polls. Therefore, political advertisers are really having issues finding the proper channel to advertise and get their message out to the voters. Perhaps TiVo will kill the political star.

All I know is that happiness is another political season with a TiVo.

Source: DVR Playground