Timed Sprinkler Sensor Turns Off Automatically Based on Weather Alerts

There are already lots of timed sprinkler systems out there that help you to automate watering your lawn and plants to keep them looking their best, but you usually have to intervene when the weather threatens to make your sprinklers moot. For example, when it rains or gets too cold.

Enter Orbit Irrigation’s solar-powered wireless rain/freeze sensor. Ok, that was a mouthful.
Let’s break it down. This sensor acts together with the Orbit Professional Irrigation System (aka timed sprinkler) to detect when there’s rain (or even after it has rained) or when it’s freezing.

It communicates wirelessly to the Sprinkler system to let it know when to shut off and when it can resume operations. The last little perk is that this sensor has a solar panel to keep it powered without you needing to replace the battery or hook it into wall power.


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Price: $59.99
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