Thirsty Light: Know When Your Plants Need Watering

Thirsty Light

People who love gardening would love this newly released gadget. It’s called the Thirsty Light, a device that tells you exactly when your plants need watering. This gadget can work two ways – you can leave it in your plant so you can just check on it anytime. When the light turns on, then your plant needs some nourishment. This is called the leave-in method. You can also use the gadget to monitor all your plants. All you have to do is to take it from one plant to another and see if it will light up or not.

The Thirty Light gadget is built with a probe that you can stick into the plant’s soil. It is equipped with sensors that can monitor the soil’s moisture level. The gadget has five levels of sensitivity. The drier your plants are, the more rapid the blinking would be.

Two standard 1.5 volts AG 13 lithium batteries power the Thirsty Light. These batteries are easily replaceable and available. When the gadget slow blinks thrice every three seconds, that is an indication that device is running low on batteries. And just like the batteries, the LED lights could easily be replaced as well.

Thirsty Light is a gadget built for every indoor plant hobbyist and urban gardeners. You don’t have to guess when your plants need some water. The device will tell you that exactly. And you won’t be flooding your plants with water either.

However, these gadgets are technically unnecessary for those who have legitimate green thumbs. The device is good for novice gardeners and those who take care of plants just for fun. Thirsty light uses the patent Drypoint Technology.

Price: $9.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)