The *NEW* Wireless Mvix player is finally here

Mvix Wireless MvixUSA has finally released a wireless version of their Mvix player. In addition to adding wireless, they went hi-def and even added USB host ports for additional external hard drives, flash drives and external DVD-ROM drives. You can purchase the Wireless Mvix for $329 at the MvixStore.

Hopefully you can access your media files via wireless as well as moving files to the device. You can also purchase a car power adapter for the device so this could easily be a portable wireless storage video server. I wonder if you could stream video to a PSP from the device…

By the way, check out the review we did on Mvix MV-5000U, which was the precursor to the wireless version.

Introducing the next Revolution in Portable Entertainment … Mvix Wireless HD Media Center … featuring outstanding visual quality supported by leading-edge video decoding technologies, high resolution audio specifications and the capability for wireless connectivity to home and office networks.

Now that the wait is over…you can boast of a digital library of 750GB+ of movies, home videos, music and photos – all in a small-portable system. Ah! … the possibilities!

WARNING: All that media at your fingertips may lead to sleep deprivation!