The Holiday Guide to … Holiday Guides

By Cynthia L. Webb, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season for all things electronic. IPods, cell phones, gaming systems and digital cameras are among the tech items at the top of holiday wish-lists. Consumer electronics are so hot, department stores are stocking up on gadgets rather than ho-hum fashion and home products, hoping to cash in on the craze this holiday season.

But sorting out which MP3 player is best (an iPod or a Rio, for example), how to select one gaming console over another or making sense of all the different plasma and high-tech TV platforms can become as much a chore as decorating your house for the holidays.

Enter the ever-popular tech gadget gift buying guide, a staple of a number of publications this year, designed to be a roadmap for the best and brightest gifts of the season. Buying tech gadgets for friends and loved ones at the holidays creates big business.

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