The First Rugged Notebook PC Built On the AMD Turion

The First Rugged Notebook PC Built On the AMD Turion(TM) 64-Bit Processor Provides Professionals and Students On the Go Added Protection Against Drops, Shocks and Spills

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 7 — First-time buyers often are not aware of the potential risks of notebook computer damage. Second- and third-time buyers, however, often have experienced it personally and know all too well that many notebooks just can’t take life in the real world. Stuffed into backpacks, bumped into car doors, and dropped in airports, notebook PCs are now a part of daily life. The trouble is that most notebooks are not designed for everyday use. Typical notebooks encased in plastic are susceptible to an array of accidents to the LCD displays, hard drives and keyboards that can render the stored data, the computer itself, and the financial investment it represents, entirely useless. The bumps and shocks of normal daily use is why Twinhead Corporation, a world leader in notebook computers, is introducing the rugged, Durabook N14RA notebook PC to consumers. Priced from $999.00- only slightly more than the average notebook from plastic PC manufacturers – Twinhead’s newest member of the Durabook line of notebook computers features a magnesium alloy case, an anti-shock LCD screen and hard drive, a spill-resistant keyboard and a patented optical disk tray lock, all capable of meeting U.S. military MIL 810F rugged standards.

“Compared to ‘bargain’ notebooks, the Durabook N14RA more than pays for itself and helps protect the owner’s financial investment with long-term durability and performance,” said Steven Gau, president of Twinhead Corporation. “This is a portable computer that can withstand everyday accidents, a bike ride to school, an off-road weekend trip to the wilderness, and even a coffee spill at your favorite hotspot location. The Durabook N14RA is a durable notebook PC built for the real world.”

AMD Turion(TM) 64-Bit CPU Among its many other benefits, the Durabook N14RA is the first rugged notebook to feature AMD’s Turion(TM) CPU – the latest 64-bit AMD processor designed specifically for notebook computing. Turion is the most advanced simultaneous 32- and 64-bit Windows-compatible mobile processor featuring longer battery life, enhanced security, and compliance with the latest wireless and graphics technologies. Yet Durabook N14RA performance does not stop with its processor. The unit’s lightweight magnesium alloy case, which is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic, has withstood 26 drops from 36-inches onto plywood over concrete (unit off and display closed) — the military 810F specification for drop resistance. This rugged notebook also passes U.S. military standards for shock and spill resistance. The N14RA includes double protection smart battery circuitry, which helps prevent damage caused by overheating and voltage surges, as well as battery calibration that helps fight battery capacity loss after repeated charges and discharges. Finally, a patented DVD/CD tray lock prevents unintentional ejection of the tray and disk due to drops or vibration. The 6-pound unit offers a 14.1-inch TFT LCD screen with XGA resolution (1024 x 768). Other features of the Durabook N14RA include a rubber shock-mounted 40/60/80/100/120 GB hard drive, VIA Technologies K8N800A graphics processor, AGP 4X8X 2D/3D video accelerator, and a mini-PCI wireless LAN module with 802.11b/g capabilities.

Major Promotional Launch
Twinhead’s Durabook N14RA is now shipping and will soon be available through national computer distributors, retailers and e-tailers. The Durabook will be heavily promoted this fall via a nationwide campaign through computer magazines and showcases on a major TV shopping channel. For more information about the Durabook line of notebook computers and Twinhead Corporation, please visit

About Twinhead Corporation
Twinhead Corporation is a global leader specializing in design, manufacturing and sales of award-winning, build-to-order, portable notebook computers. Twinhead provides its customers with full service and support. Twinhead is well known in the industry as a top tier ODM manufacturer and also manufactures digital media entertainment products. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, Twinhead Corporation was established in 1987.

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