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The PopSci Genius Guide  - Subscription
Popular Science has launched a brand new online-only magazine called PopSci Genius Guide. Meant to be interactive, with embedded video and more, it simply can’t come to your doorstep in print form.

Almost every page has interactive spots that you can click on for more information, and those clicks typically result in the page re-orienting itself to display that info. There are videos of the authors /creators/interviewees of the featured tech inside the articles.

Even the ads are dynamic and have audio attached to them that are only activated when you turn to the page they’re on. Pretty much, this is the future of magazines. It may be harder to produce, but it’ll become easier and more magazines will need this to differentiate them from the pack, until it becomes a de facto standard. It’s easy to be blase about this, but only say 10 years ago, this would have been a prop in a sci fi movie; now it’s reality. It’s definitely worth taking a look at this even if you’re not necessarily a hardcore techie.

No subscription pricing model has been announced yet, but you can snag the very 1st issue from Zinio for $3. This issue focuses on home entertainment, and includes a guide to building the best movie room and a guide to home automation.

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Did you know that you can search the text in over 10,000 magazines with Zinio? Instead of waiting by the mail for your favorite magazines to show up, you get to view them on your computer/laptop the minute they’re available and with the added benefit of not cutting down additional trees.

Once you subscribe, you’ll also have the same searching ability. Sweet. I do hate having to page through an entire magazine to find that one little article that I read a few weeks ago. No more wasting brain cells on silly remembering!


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