Sprint’s HTC Evo goes on sale today

Sprint HTC EvoThe 1st WiMAX (802.16e 4G) Android device, the HTC Evo, goes on sale today on the Sprint Nextel network for $199 with a 2-yr contract. You can also purchase it from retailers Best Buy and Radio Shack.

The Evo has had a very positive reception since its unveiling in late March of this year. While the speed advantages are significant over current 3G networks (see video below), there is an additional cost of $10/month.  There is one additional benefit which AT&T and Apple have touted with their network and iPhones and that’s the ability to talk and use data services simultaneously. Expect this distinction to quickly fall away for Verizon and Sprint on their newer devices.

Sprint to launch 1st 4G smartphone this summer

sprint logoYou may already be immune to those Sprint commercials that keep using the term “4G”, but the reality is that they may have a 4G WiMax network in a lot of cities, but no phones! Well that’s about to change this summer with the introduction of a new 4G smartphone.

There’s a good chance too that it’ll be an HTC running Android. Sweet! [Well, if you’re a Sprint customer] Here’s hoping that it’s a Pre/Droid/iPhone-class gadget.

Qualcomm’s Gobi platform – multi-carrier wireless card

Qualcomm’s Gobi platform will let you access multiple carriers’ wireless data services. With Gobi, you won’t need to have separate cards and/or built-in chips in your notebook to get online.

Qualcomm is already partnering with Sony to put Gobi chips into Vaio P notebooks. Currently, Gobi will work at speeds up to 5.7Mbps which is not shabby at all.

The big question is whether or not carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc will start offering pay as you go or smaller window plans as opposed to the monthly plans that you find today that typically also come with yearly lock-in agreements.

If Gobi gets into enough netbooks, then it should pressure the carriers to do just that.

Sprint’s WiMax testing done; ready for rollout

Rollout still won’t happen until later this year, which really means late this year if not next, as no dates have been announced. Anyway, Sprint who has been working with Samsung on this say it’s ready.

There’s a collection of companies (Clearwire, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks) that will bear the brunt of the cost of getting WiMax out to over 120 million customers by the end of 2010. That’s just a year and a half. I can’t wait.

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