Minority Report-style shopping coming to a phone near you

Some of the features of the future world pictured in Minority Report may be coming to our present world sooner than we thought. For example, startup company Shopkick has teamed up with Macy’s and Best Buy to launch an iPhone/Android app that uses those phones location-detection capabilities to offer rewards to potential customers when they are near stores.

Other companies getting in the game include other location-sharing apps/companies such as Loopt and FourSquare. As GPS becomes more ubiquitous in mobile devices (we probably shouldn’t call them merely phones any more), applications such as these will also become more common. Of course, the next uproar will be the perceived ‘invasion of privacy’ that these apps bring, but let’s face it – you can choose not to install them.

via WSJ

T3 Magazine picks for best phones of 2010

We think it’s a bit soon to be giving out awards, but UK magazine, T3, put out a list of what they feel are the best phones for 2010. Obviously so far. We’re expecting even more Android phones this year, and probably a 4G phone on Sprint, so stay tuned. However, if you’re looking for a new phone now, take a look at their list – they have some great smartphones on it.

At the top of the list are a couple of HTC phones running Android: the Desire and the Legend.

CES 2010: AT&T Launching 5 Android Smartphones in 1st Half of 2010

androidat&t logoAT&T announced that it plans to launch 5 new Android smartphones in the 1st half of this year (2010) [press release]. The phones will be from HTC, Motorola and Dell. Yes, Dell.

What does this say about AT&T relationship with Apple and its iPhone? Perhaps nothing, but perhaps that the honeymoon is over and Apple may really be taking its iPhone to other networks as well.

10 Touchscreen Smartphones compared

PC World has a nice rundown of 10 touchscreen smartphones including some upcoming models. The phones run the gamut from the iPhone to the Samsung Omnia II and all the major US carriers.

Apart from its Windows Mobile OS, the Samsung Omnia II really has a nice set of specs. Now if only it ran Android… Hey Google and/or hackers, can you get on that? Meantime, Verizon users can get their hands on an Omnia now for $99 with a 2-yr plan.

If only we here in the US weren’t so caught up in cut-throat competition, then perhaps GSM might be a standard and phones wouldn’t be locked into specific carriers. Then you could get the phone you really wanted and use it on whatever network you had. If only…

HTC Touch Diamond Cell Phone to compete with iPhone

HTC announced the Touch Diamond yesterday in London and they’ve managed to pack even more features into a cell phone that many are already calling an iPhone-killer. At a minimum, it’s definitely a competitor.

The Diamond sports a 2.8″ VGA touch-screen running HTC’s own TouchFlo 3D interface and it promises some newer touch and gesture mechanism over the iPhone. A quadband phone, the Diamond is a smartphone with a slew of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, and HSDPA. It also shows off its auto-righting display technology so you can view pages in either landscape or portrait modes. I’m just touching on its many features too.

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