China’s new optical video format – China Blue High Definition (CBHD)

cbhd-logoChina has developed its very own high-def optical video disc format – the China Blue High Definition (CBHD) and a couple of local vendors have just produced 1st gen players.

This is interesting. Why? If you’re thinking the format war was just finished, consider that CBHD players are up to 40% cheaper than Blu-Ray players, and that developed and made in China means they can push those prices way down. They also have a huge local market to sell to (possibly even mandated). Right now, the Chinese government is only supporting the format and funding some manufacturers, but not quite making it official.

Warner Brothers for example has already said it will release 100 titles in the CBHD format this year. Blu-Ray may well be facing a new format war.

via Gizmag

General Electric shows off optical disc storage breakthrough – 500GB disc

Researchers at General Electric (G.E.) have announced a breakthrough in optical disc storage – 500GB on a single disc (the equivalent of about 100 DVDs using standard technology; Blu-ray discs can hold much more).  G.E. uses holographic storage techniques to achieve this capacity.

Despite the discovery, there is no telling if this will take off commercially at this point. It will be a matter of economics as to whether the technology can be brought to market at a price that consumers will be willing to pay.

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