Microsoft release mega-security-patch for IE – Update your system now

If you’re still using IE (Internet Explorer), then you need to get on this ASAP. Microsoft has just released a cumulative patch that patches 10 security holes in IE, from versions 5 all the way through the current v8. Go to Windows Update now and get these installed.

Also keep in mind that you have excellent alternatives to IE. You are not forced to use it. You have Firefox, Chrome, Opera and on Macs, Safari to choose from.

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48GB and 64GB SDXC cards to start appearing this spring

sdxc cardAnother technology that will see its latest revision usher in dramatic increases in capacity is SD cards. The latest incarnation is called SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) and has a maximum size of 2TB. Just imagine 2048GB in a card small enough to swallow.

What you need to know about SDXC
Don’t expect 2TB cards to appear just yet. 48 and 64GB cards from Panasonic and Toshiba should start appearing this Spring, with other vendors to follow closely.

You should also have some restraint; don’t rush out to buy SDXC cards without having devices that can read them. SDHC devices can read a small subset of SDXC cards only, and not at full speed.

The other major point that you should keep in mind is that only Windows 7 currently supports reading SDXC.

You can get more detailed information from the SD Card Association.

You may also want to read about USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4.

Verizon Rolling Out Unlimited Plans, New Pricing

verizon logoVerizon is overhauling their voice, text and family cell phone plans and throwing in a couple of unlimited talk plans starting at $70/mo, although their pricing, when you include data, doesn’t seem as competitive as Sprint or T-Mobile.

You be the judge, but remember that price alone doesn’t make a happy mobile customer – witness the unhappy iPhone AT&T folks!

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Google Releases Nexus One Android Phone – What You Need to Know

If you follow any sort of news, you’ll know that Google announced their Nexus One phone running their Android-supported mobile OS. What’s really unique and new here is that Google is selling the handset directly, and not the carrier.

Here’s what you need to know about the phone: …

Warner Bros Program Offers Upgrades of DVDs to Blu-ray Discs

Yup, the title pretty much says it all. Ship them your old Warner Bros DVD movies and for a replacement fee (starting around $8 per disc), they will send you Blu-ray versions of those flicks.

I’m surprised at the low number of titles and you should consider first whether the upgrade price is worth it. You may not really get much additional value in the Blu-ray title.

You can find the service at the DVD2Blu website.

Heads-Up Displays get Small with Holographic Projection Tech

Head-up Displays (HUDs) are not exactly a cutting-edge technology any more. However, they still demand a great deal of space. A new HUD based on holographic projection could be squeezed into a space as small as a car’s side mirror.

Just imagine being able to see additional data, graphics or other warnings overlaid on what’s actually in your side mirror or perhaps your rearview mirror. What may be better or at least additional is a HUD display on the windscreen itself.

via Technology Review

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