ABC/Disney partners with Hulu to show ABC shows

After months of negotiations, Disney (ABC) has agreed to take a stake in Hulu, NBC’s online video website and thus also air their shows on hulu.com. Fans of Lost Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and so on can now see full episodes online legally for free with an ad or two thrown in for revenue.

While Greg Sandoval at CNET seems to think this will hurt YouTube, I don’t think that’s about to happen just yet. Sure, this is an important deal as YouTube tries to reform its model to include more industry-approved content, but YouTube is a household name with over 10 times the traffic currently.

#CES09: Blogging at NBC Universal’s Booth

Jon Accarrino and NBC Universal were kind enough to host us at their blogging booth again this year. NBC certainly stepped it up another notch after their first appearance at CES last year. The booth is even bigger and they aired even more live TV segments from right here in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Also nice for us bloggers was the larger blogging section, the This year, they’ve also featured Microsoft Surface Tables which visitors can play with. Nice touch.

The NBC Universal Booth

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