CES 2010: Monsoon’s Volcano Box is Audio-Video Swiss Army Knife – DVR, Placeshifter, Internet TV and More

HAVA maker, Monsoon Multimedia, is still in the gadget game and in particular, the multimedia multi-function types located right at the heart of your AV rig. At CES, they announced and demoed their latest device, the Volcano, which does a slew of things. Sling should be prying this open soon with a microscope close behind.

monsoon multimedia volcano box

The sleek-looking Volcano is an HD device that placeshifts (a la the Slingbox) your live TV or other prerecorded video over the Internet, a DVR, Internet TV (YouTube and CinemaNow for now, but think Boxee and Netflix in future), Apps like Facebook and Twitter, can act as a home media streamer, and can pull videos for export to external media.