MIT Team Develops Temperature-Dependent Color Changing Roof Tiles

As you know, we love featuring ‘green’ and/or environmentally related advances in technology, and here’s another. This time, a team in the Department of Materials Science at MIT have devised a roof tile that changes its surface reflectivity depending on the temperature.

In a nutshell, at low temps, it absorbs as much sunshine and heat as it can, while at high temps, it is more reflective. Fantastic. Nicknamed the Thermeleon, these roof tiles could save 20% on cooling costs.


Wearable computing’s next step – gestures only, no handheld device

6thsenseImagine walking around with a mobile computing device embedded in your clothes or hanging around your neck that lets you compute, take photos and more without needing to actually handle a device. Instead you use gestures and your fingers to ‘perform’ the computer commands.

SixthSense is a project run out of the MIT Media Lab
that takes wearable computing a step further.

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