Rumors: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 out in June, and the iPhone 4G goes to Verizon

One analyst (Peter Misek) has some bold predictions on what Steve Jobs will announce next week (in addition to the much anticipated Apple Tablet, supposedly called the iTablet – no surprise there).

iphoneRumor #1: he’ll announce and show off the latest version of the iPhone OS: v4.0.

Rumor #2: he’ll announce that Verizon will start selling the iPhone 4G in summer. This will be big news as it will suddenly expose the iPhone to the largest single carrier market, and it may also impact Palm’s latest decision to launch their Pre and Pixi on Verizon.

via Barrons

Tech/IT jobs relatively safe in the US economic downturn

Common sense says that leaving the job that you currently have in a severe economic downturn, such as the one we’re experiencing in the US, is a bad idea. Well it turns out that IT/tech jobs aren’t as badly hit as in other industries.

If you’re like me, and are tired of your Office Space/Dilbert existence in the still misunderstood IT world, then it may definitely not be a good time to be thinking about switching careers.

In case you’re not a ‘computer guy/gal’, and are wondering why such a person would not love their gig, take a look at the top 10 reasons not to be the computer guy.

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