Negative Ion Generator cleans up smoke, dust, pollen and more from your home/office’s air

negative ion generatorClean up the air around you in your home and/or office by using a negative ion generator. Eliminate dust, pollen and smoke and other energy-draining items.

This particular model from Purely Products generates 2 million anions per cubic centimeter, plugs into a regular wall outlet, and has a yellow indicator light to let you know its working.

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Price: $49.99
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CES 2009: NVIDIA Ion platform makes for smallest PC

NVIDIA is touting its new Ion platform as they’ve demonstrated how it can be used to make the world’s smallest Vista capable premium PC. By plugging the Ion board into a case that is just slightly larger than the board and adding a hard drive, the PC is complete.

What’s more interesting is that the Ion with its GeForce 9400 (with built-in North- and Southbridges) coupled with an Intel Atom processor can be used to power even smaller netbooks that can push 1080p HD video and 7.1 surround sound audio via HDMI.

This video shot at CES shows how small the board is:

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