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October 2010 Browser Benchmark

Ars Technica performed a battery of tests with modern browsers. All tests were run on the latest stable and the recent nightly build of each browser.

The tests included SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark to measure JavaScript performance, V8 Benchmark Suite which is developed by Google, Nontroppo General Browser Load-Time Test and the Peacekeeper: The Browser Benchmark.

What’s the verdict? Chrome one again performs best with Opera in second. Safari barely beat Firefox for the number three spot and Internet Explorer continues to bring up the rear. In Ars Technica conclusion:

Chrome: it’s fast!

Chrome is the obvious winner in these tests. It has a such a significant lead that we doubt it’s going to be bumped out of the top spot anytime soon, especially if we take into consideration that the team wants to release a major version every six weeks. Still, competition in the browser market is only getting fiercer, so Chrome’s king-of-the-hill status may not last forever.

Microsoft release mega-security-patch for IE – Update your system now

If you’re still using IE (Internet Explorer), then you need to get on this ASAP. Microsoft has just released a cumulative patch that patches 10 security holes in IE, from versions 5 all the way through the current v8. Go to Windows Update now and get these installed.

Also keep in mind that you have excellent alternatives to IE. You are not forced to use it. You have Firefox, Chrome, Opera and on Macs, Safari to choose from.

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