Skullcandy Holua Wooden In Ear Bud

Skullcandy Holua Wooden In Ear Bud with In-Line Mic Skullcandy has modified the headphone and earbud industry with incredibly designed and great sounding music ear wear. The Holua Wooden earbuds are popular among those who are lucky enough to own a pair as reviews appear typically between the 4-5 star mark (out of 5) on the various sites the geeks have checked.

The earbuds are quite stylish “sporting wood” with laser cut aluminum accents all wrapped up in a matching wooden carrying box. The wood is said to have enhanced the sound of the earbuds. The earbud wears comfortably with an inducing foam earbud cover and is equipped with a pair of 8mm diameter small size driver units that fit just within the ear canal creating a snug seal for 200mW of input from a 3.5″ gold plated stereo plug.

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Price: $87.45
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AcousticSheep SleepPhones Sleep Aid System

AcousticSheep SS4BM SleepPhones Sleep Aid System Get to sleep quicker without using sleeping pills while blocking out the snoring, loud neighbors or distracting noises in the night with a AcousticSheep SleepPhone Sleep Aid System. Developed by a physician, these headphone help patients fall asleep and stay asleep and are held in place by a soft, fleece headband so they won’t fall off or cause your ears to ache after a couple hours of use.

The headphones are only part of the system as a CD of binaural beats are included as well. Binaural beats are waves generated by the brain when exposed to slightly different tones in the right and left ears. For example, if the right ear hears a tone of 100Hz (a very deep low sound) and the left ear hears a tone of 110Hz (just a tad higher pitch than the 100Hz), then the brain will combine those tones as one pitch, pulsating at 10Hz. The principle of how this works is just basic the basic interference pattern of sound waves.

Binaural beats are especially cool because as you listen to the pulsating beats, your brainwaves will slowly conform to the frequency of the binaural beats. So if you wanted your brainwaves to function faster, then just dial up the beats. If you want to go to sleep, then bring the tones closer together for slower brainwaves.

Not only is a CD included of binaural beats, but you can download additional binaural beats from AcousticSheep.

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Price: $64.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Giveaway: Win a Pair of Coloud NHL Headphones!

Coloud NHL Headphones

Win a pair of Coloud NHL Headphones just for telling us why you’re the greatest NHL fan. But first, let’s tell you about these headphones. Comes with one of four (4) team logos and coloring, these are over-the-ear headphones to shut out the rest of the world while you’re in your zone.

Comes with a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug on a coiled cord. For the audiophiles amongst you, these little guys pack 40mm drivers, a full frequency response of 20-20001Hz, and a 120dB 1KHz sensitivity.

How to Enter
All you’ve got to do to enter is head over to the GfG Facebook page, become a fan (click the Like button), and make a comment on the Facebook entry telling us why you’re the greatest NHL fan. We’ll pick the best comment as the winner. We’ll run the contest for a week, until Wednesday 21 July 2010 at 9PM Pacific.

Thanks to the folks at Coloud for sponsoring this giveaway. By the way, you should take a look at the rest of their branded headphones including characters and themes from Hello Kitty, Star Wars, and Marvel comics.

Giveaway and Contest Rules

Review: Able Planet NC300 True Fidelity Noise-Canceling Headphones

Able Planet makes a variety of audio products mainly in the headphones and earphones category that employs some of their own technology. We reviewed one of their noise-canceling headphones, the True Fidelity NC300 with their LINX AUDIO technology. Here are the results of our testing.

The NC300 are over-the-ear headphones with an adjustable and padded headband that uses powered noise-cancellation technology that runs on a single AA battery that inserts into one of the ear pieces. While we could give a completely ‘standalone’ review, audio being such a subjective topic, we decided instead to (in many categories of testing) compare it to our favorite noise-canceling headphones, the Audio Technica QuietPoint ATH-ANC7.

More options for wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds/headphones

Following up yesterday’s entry on the DigiFi Opera S5 wireless earbuds, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few more options for going wireless over your lobes.

Here are 4 more headsets, all Bluetooth that give you a chance to get rid of those pesky cords, well most of the cords anyway!

1st on the list is a set of headphones from Sony. The specific model # is DR-BT22. These on-ear headphones have a 30ft range, weigh under 3 oz, folds up can be used to take a phone call, and can control basic iPod functions from the headset. $96.

Sony Ericsson MH907 earbuds – motion sensing

Sony just rolled out the world’s first ‘motion sensing’ earbuds. Well, that’s how they’re pitching it, but technically, it doesn’t sense motion. It senses body contact (electrical capacitance trick), similar to how some touchscreens work.

Anyway, the MH907 earbuds has 2 main functions – plug both buds into your ears and your music starts; remove one and it pauses. Got an Ericsson phone equipped with Fast Port? Then when you get a call, you can plug in a a bud and automatically answer the phone. Hang up by removing the bud. I could see that leading to some unwanted hang-ups, but still cool.

Available now in the UK, in yellow-white and chrome.

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Price: £35.73
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

Review: Audio Bone Headphones

With a somewhat weird name that doesn’t make sense until you understand how it works, the Audio Bone Headphones operate by conducting sound via the bones in your face directly to your inner ear. This means you don’t actually insert anything into your ears or place anything over your ears. These headphones connect with the bones directly in front of your ears.

I ran the Audio Bone headset through its paces to see if it performed as well as advertised. I was initially surprised to find that there was remarkably more of a frequency response than I had expected, and a side benefit of not having to wear a (potentially) uncomfortable set of ear plugs or headphones, and these were nice and light. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives ended.

Review: CellPoint’s Flamingo Sport Headphones with EarClick

You probably just read the title and started wondering what “EarClick” is. I’ll get to that shortly. I had a chance to review the Flamingo Headphones from CellPoint recently and put it through its paces.

The Flamingo is a unique pair of audio headphones that employs a mechanism that CellPoint calls EarClick, which they also use in some of their other products, like their Bluetooth headsets. …

Review: Earbud Jack tidies up iPod headphones

Until iPods start shipping with wireless headsets, you have to deal with the usual tangle of headphones when you pull them out of your pocket, your purse, your gym bag, your laptop bag, and even from laying innocently on your desk. No more with the $9 Earbud Jack. Earbud Jack is a neat little plastic guy who stands in the right stance location and has the right-sized arms and hands for your iPod headphone cable, earbuds and jack. Get the name now?!

While it may take you just a tad bit longer to wrap up your headphones around Jack, consider this: you won’t have a tangle to deal with the next time you want to use them, you’ll prolong the life of your headset because you won’t be breaking the copper wires inside by tangling or folding too tightly, and you’ll also be indirectly donating to 2 charities currently – the American Hearing Research Foundation and the Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California.

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