#CES09: Thoughts on the Palm Pre

Closely following Palm’s announcement of their brand new mobile handset, the Pre, and operating system (webOS), reaction was swift and unanimously exuberant. Palm has certainly hit this out of the park, and if the tech community’s reaction is any indication, this will certainly save the company for at least a little while to come. My… Continue reading #CES09: Thoughts on the Palm Pre

#CES09: Palm Announces Pre – raw specs

Here are the raw specs on the just announced, soon to be released cell phone handset from Palm. Stay tuned for another post on our thoughts on the product (hint: we love it!). 3.1 inch HVGA (320x480px) capacitive multitouch touchscreen with gesture area slide-out QWERTY keyboard GPS 3 Megapixel camera 8GB internal memory 802.11b/g Wifi… Continue reading #CES09: Palm Announces Pre – raw specs