Tesla announces their 2nd all-electric car

Electric car maker, Tesla Motors, unveiled their 2nd all-electric auto this week, the Model S. Their first model, the Roadster was (and still is) sold for over $100k. Despite the price, there is still a waiting list for these cars.

The Model S will have a more down-to-earth price tag of $50k (with an approximate federal tax credit of $7,500). This may still seem like quite a hefty price tag as compared to hybrids, but bear in mind that this is an all-electric car, so no more buying gasoline, although you will probably be faced with a stiff battery bill every 3 to 5 years.

Notable in this announcement is the fact that Tesla is actually expanding and growing (building a new plant in particular) despite the downturn for the other traditional automakers. Good for them – there is hope yet for a green revolution in transportation yet and sooner than may have been first imagined.

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