Novation’s Launchpad is a next-generation musical instrument/DJ

novation launchpadThis was too colorful, interactive and cool looking not to feature – the Novation Launchpad built together with Ableton is a 64-button grid that you use to create and control music. The buttons can be set to do anything really – play notes, trigger sequences and much more.

Launchpad comes with Ableton Live 8, but can be used to control other music software as well. You’ve got to take a look at the video to see what we’re talking about here: …

#CES09: Tonium rolling out Pacemaker 60GB Portable DJ System

While this is probably not for the masses, it is for the DJ on the go. The Pacemaker DJ system from Tonium is a portable DJ mixer and player that works in effects such as pitch changes, looping, roll, echo and more things that the DJ-newb such as myself know nothing of!

We saw a 60GB Pacemaker that is truly handheld. It has jacks for headphone monitors as well as a crossfader, multiple channels and a USB connection. The cool part of the interface is the touchpad that lets you control many of the functions with your fingertips.

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