Drink No More – Keep Your Pets Away from the Toilet Bowl

If you don’t provide your pets with clean, fresh water, then they’re going to instintively find water and if they’re in a closed house, that place is typically the toilet bowl! But you already know that this can be potentially harmful to your pet. So how do you keep those furry snouts away from the bowl? The “Drink No More” is one such electronic solution.

The Drink No More is a small electronic sensor that attaches to the inside of the toilet cover and senses when someone (or pet) is nearby, at which point it beeps and flashes. Unless you have one of those super-talented pets, they’ll be scared away. You on the other hand can turn if off.

When the lid is down, it goes into ‘sleep’ mode. Only drawback may be knowing every time someone goes into the throne room! Also a bit pricey for a relatively simple device.

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Price: $24.95
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