CES 2010: magicJack Positioning to Become Next Biggest Internet Phone Company

magicjack for cell phones
Image courtesy of AP

magicJack maker YMax plans to start selling a a magicJack for cell phones in about 4 months for about $40. The gadget will plug into your PC and which then acts like a cell phone tower, so that if your cell phone is within range (about 8ft) of your PC, the call will be routed through the magicJack and over the Internet via VoIP.

While YMax CEO Dan Borislow claims this gadget is legal within an individual’s home, we expect the lawsuits to roll in quickly from the carriers.


Most mobile phones like the blackberry torch available at will work with the device, for more information check out the dialaphone blog.

Vopium launches their mobile VoIP service in the US

Vopium launched their mobile VoIP service in the US recently, offering a lower cost option for international calls from cell phones. Vopium consists of a free software app for your mobile handset that routes your int’l calls over their network.

Vopium is available for over 500 GSM handsets from over 20 hardware vendors and they impressively have very detailed howto guides with screenshots on their website.

As far as costs go, they claim an up to 90% discount on typical international calls from cell phones. And if your phone has WiFi, you can make the call for free. As an incentive to new users, they offer 30 free minutes of talk time. You can even send text messages overseas as well.

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