USB-powered soldering iron

Yes, you read that title right – it’s a USB-powered soldering iron! Nice! And somehwat appropriate when you think about it – chances are if you’re the soldering iron type, then you’re probably in your den or your basement or your bedroom and you’re very close to a computer.

Japanese manufacturer, Thanko has managed to use USB to power a soldering iron. It’s not perfect, as 1 USB port will heat up to about 200-250°C. However, they rigged this iron to use 2 USB ports, so you can plug both in and get it heated up another 100°C or so. It doesn’t stop there – you can also attach a 9V battery to get the temperature all the way up to 500°C.

One more useful feature – an LED light under the tip to help you see what you’re working on. Unfortunately for us Yanks, this is an import, so shipping isn’t cheap, but all together, you can get it under $30.

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Price: $18.00
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