Sylvania LED Ecolight Water Powered Shower Light

Feeling green while you’re in the shower? Hopefully it’s not because you’re dirty, and you just like helping the planet out. If you’re an environmental freak like some of my friends are, then this wireless and energy-efficient shower light is just the thing for you.

Made by Sylvania, the shower light is powered solely by water. Of course, that’s probably a good thing considering lots of electricity from your home outlet and water usually don’t mix together too well – something will usually end up burnt!

The cool thing about this shower light is that the light color will change depending on the temperature of the water. That way you won’t ever get the shivers if the water is too cold, or hop out of the shower screaming because it was burning hot. Intuitively, a red light means hot, and blue means cold.

Additionally, there is an on and off switch for the light if you don’t care for it. It appears to be a pretty easy install, with many reporting it taking only a few minutes.


  • 85 psi maximum water pressure
  • Blue scale for temperatures less than 78.8 degrees
  • Red scale for temperatures more than 105.8 degrees

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Price: $39.99
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