Steve Jobs Ready for Apple Return

Steve Jobs may be ready to take the helm back at Apple after his six month medical leave for to work on a nutritional problem.  The big question is, will Jobs appear at the World Wide Developer’s Conference on Monday.  Normally Jobs would give the keynote address on Monday, but Philip Schiller, Apple’s marketing chief, is currently scheduled.

The big announcements likely to take place at Apple’s WWDC include the new iPhone OS and perhaps some apps showing off the new mobile OS such as turn-by-turn navigation and better email and messaging.  Also, the new Mac OS labeled Snow Leopard will be unveiled.  The Apple Tablet will not make an appearance for perhaps the fifth year in a row.

Jobs’ health status played havoc with Apple’s stock price until he took medical leave.  Since January when he left, Apple’s stock is up almost 70% outperforming the rest of the Nasdaq which is only up about 25%.

We don’t think Jobs will appear, but with Jobs… you never know.