Staple-less Stapler

I recently tried out a staple-less stapler which works without traditional metal staples. The staple-less stapler (which I’m going to shorten to ‘sls’) works by cutting out a tab of the paper, wrapping it around and tucking it back into a small slot (take a look at the picture for a better idea).

The sls doesn’t work that well beyond a few sheets of paper, as its cutters aren’t that powerful, not to mention that it’s completely hand-powered. I also don’t care for the size of the hole that is made in the paper. Let’s say you wanted to add/remove some pages and re-staple, then you’ll end up with a quite a few large holes in your stapled pages. Last thing is that the ‘staple’ itself isn’t that strong so after you’ve folder the paper over a few times, it will lose its integrity.

Overall, I think I’ll stick with my traditional staplers. Office Space kit, anyone? This is a cool concept item but not too practical in my opinion. It’s pretty surprising how many places actually sell these though.

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Price: approx $6
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