Sqish – Camouflaged Satellite Dish

UK company Sqish has a self-titled product that is a rectangular satellite dish that they can camouflage for you by taking a picture of the background that the dish will sit in front of and then applying that picture to the front of the dish.

Now the dish isn’t actually a dish at all, but a flat rectangular box. It doesn’t look square to me, but I suppose “Sqish” sounded better than “Rish”

It’s funny how times change. Where I grew up, the folks with money to spare mounted huge 30′ foot satellite dishes on 20′ platforms. You couldn’t miss them – they were visible from very far away. You always knew how had $ by whether or not they had a dish in their backyard. Now that everyone has one, they don’t ‘look’ so good any more.

via TV Snob, via DailyMail