Spionâ„¢ Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

 Spionâ„¢ Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Long-distance listening can be beneficial or fun for everyone — from neighborhood watchers (for safety and general spying on neighbors) to bird watchers (for fun) — and with this handheld device, you can clearly hear conversation-level sounds from a discreet distance of 300 feet!

This high-quality electronic listening device features a comfortable grip and compact parabolic dish to capture and amplify sounds from hundreds of feet away. An on-board 10X spyglass helps you target and understand the object of your surveillance by bringing it 10 times closer, visually.

Listen through the padded over-the-ear headphones; they are designed to reduce ambient noise. Adjust the Frequency Controller to reduce unwanted background sounds. A built-in recorder stores 120 seconds of anything you hear. Measures 11″ long and weighs just 2 lbs. Powered by one 9V battery (order separately). One-year warranty.

Price: $59.95
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