Speaker in a FedEx box

FedEx Speaker

One of our readers has taken a medium-sized FedEx box and added a working speaker to it! The speaker is a 3.5″ dual-cone 75W Jensen speaker, and there’s not much to say about the FedEx box. This is really a unique piece of working pop art. In case that wasn’t enough, he has also taken one of the cylindrical CD spindle boxes and added a speaker to that. You really need to check out the rest of the pictures – they’re worth a look. A humorous FAQ accompanies them.

So you want a pair of those FedEx speakers, eh? Luckily, you can get some. In a nice twist of irony, they are shipped via the US Postal Service.

Oh yes, here’s the URL to the website: http://www.angryyoda.com/speakers.