Soyo TechAID Diagnostic Card

Soyo TechAID Diagnostic Card

TROUBLE-SHOOTER! The Soyo TechAID Diagnostic Card is an efficient way to detect computer hardware problems. Simply plug it into the PCI slot and a complete diagnostic test will detect the defective hardware. This debugging card will assist any technician (from novice to advance user) in accurately locating a hardware problem faster, by displaying an easy-to-follow POST (Power On Self Test) code on its display.

* General Features:
* PCI interface
* Easy to read LED display on both sides of the TechAID
* Easy to read LED display on the Mini Display
* Assists in revealing where problem is while troubleshooting
* Identifies whether CPU or motherboard is defective
* Will help to determine if the memory is faulty
* Able to pinpoint whether the Video card is problematic
* Simple to follow POST code table for problem description
* Drastically reduce troubleshooting time
* Helpful to both Novices and Experienced users alike
* Supports Phoenix, AMI and Award BIOS

* LED Features:
* PCIRST LED: Initial Power LED
* +3V3SB LED: Standby Power
* 3.3V LED: 3.3V power present
* +5V LED: 5V power present
* +12 LED: +12V power present
* -12 LED: -12V power present

* Retail Package Includes:
* Soyo TechAid
* Mini LED display
* 9-pin cable (10-pin connectors)

Product Requirements
* Available PCI slot

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