Sony Touchscreen Universal Remote Commander

Sony Touchscreen Universal Remote Commander

It’s the flagship model of Sony’s entire line of universal remotes! The Sony Touchscreen Universal Remote Commander offers features including pre-programmed operation, learning ability and macros, but adds a widescreen LCD display that responds to your touch. Select which device you want to control by pressing one of the seven glow-in-the-dark function buttons, and the control screen changes to reflect the device you’re controlling. Hit the DVD button, and the DVD control panel appears. Hit the CD button and the CD controls appear, etc. And thanks to an elegant, blue backlight, the highly-visible screen is easy to read day or night.

Making it even better is the fact that the LCD display is fully customizable to match your system. You can assign labels to 258 virtual control keys, and give custom, 8-character titles to components, macros, learned commands and individual controls. The titles can be any words of your choice, in any language that uses the Latin alphabet. And if you like to keep your control panel clean, re-assigning or removing unused buttons is easy.

Minimize Clutter: This sleek remote also minimizes clutter by condensing as many as 18 remotes into one. Six buttons choose frequently-used components, and 12 LCD keys choose the others. Although it’s pre-programmed to work with nearly all brands of audio/video gear (not just Sony), it also learns codes from existing remotes. This feature is crucial if you want to retain some of the advanced features of your original remotes, like the VCR timer, the DVD “change angle” function, etc. Virtually all buttons have learning capability for nearly 1,000 possible learned functions.

Create Your Own Macro Commands: The Sony Universal Remote Commander fully supports macros – chains of up to 44 commands initiated by one button press. For example, press a macro button once, and the remote will turn the TV on, turn it to the A/V mode, fire up the home theater receiver, set it to DVD mode and turn on the DVD player. All you have to do is insert the DVD and press play! Or create a “shut-down” macro that turns off all the components by pressing the “Off” button just once. Macros are great for families. When someone wants to watch a DVD, use the TiVo or listen to a CD, all he or she has to do is press a macro button, and the system sets itself up. Now the kids won’t bother Dad every time they want to watch Monsters Inc.

Supports Timed Macros and X10 Codes: The remote also supports timed macros, which initiate multi-step commands at times you determine. Just leave the remote pointing towards your equipment and you can use timed macros for dozens of features, from waking up to music from your stereo system to automatically changing the channels of your cable box at preset times. Altogether the remote supports 15 system control macros, 18 component macros and 12 timer macros, in any of four execution speeds for maximum effectiveness. The Sony Touchscreen Universal Remote also knows X10 codes for the Infrared X10 Command Console, SmartHome product #4040.

Price: $179.99
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