Some Universities Issuing Cell Phones

I realize that I may be partially dating myself here, but something I didn’t have to deal with when I was in college was my cell phone plan. That means that I also didn’t have to deal with any privacy issues related to having a cell phone. Privacy issues related to having a cell phone? Yep, students at Montclair State University in New Jersey are issued a mandatory cell phone which can also track their location on campus. Obviously, this is not meant to ‘cramp their styles’, but as a proactive approach to student safety. Some universities are dropping their landline programs outright due to the growth of the cell phone; while others are actually launching their own wireless plans and university-branded cell phones (yes, also with the ability to track location). Obviously, there’s the question of cell phone reliability particulary in case of emergencies, but the rise of wireless services will soon dump the era of landlines to the sidelines, making it a moot point.

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