Solid Drive Set

Solid Drive Set

Turn solid surfaces into speakers. Induction Dynamicsâ„¢ SolidDriveâ„¢ produces sound from solid surfaces by utilizing a compound called Terfenol-D, a combination of rare-earth and highly magnetic elements. Invented by the U.S. Navy twenty years ago, Terfenol-D was created to power the next generation of high-powered sonar equipment. Recent declassification of Terfenol-D brings its possibilities out of the water and into the audio world with the introduction of Induction Dynamicsâ„¢ SolidDriveâ„¢.

How does the SolidDriveâ„¢ work? Induction Dynamicsâ„¢ SolidDriveâ„¢ expands and contracts in a magnetized environment up to 20,000 times per second. This allows the SolidDriveâ„¢ to convert an audio signal into a powerful vibration that can be transferred into a solid material, evenly delivering sound from the entire surface. Surfaces the SolidDriveâ„¢ works with include: glass, drywall, granite, wood, and laminate wood. Because the SolidDriveâ„¢ utilizes materials already existing in a room, it’s ideal for installed home and commercial audio or a theater sound system.

Induction Dynamicsâ„¢ SolidDriveâ„¢ installs directly behind walls for a truly inside-wall speaker, turning the entire wall into a sound source. Sound is generated from these large acoustic-radiating surfaces, immersing the listener in sound. The sound is omnidirectional at nearly all frequencies, while channel separation is maintained.

Efficiency is very important for inside-wall applications due to potential heat build-up. The highly efficient SolidDriveâ„¢ answers this need with its ability to generate sound from an entire flat surface with very little power. In fact, the SolidDriveâ„¢ can generate sound from solid surfaces by utilizing only 5 to 15 watts. The SolidDriveâ„¢ is compact and powerful, allowing it to be used in new applications. Unlike conventional voice coil drives, where panel flexibility is important, the SolidDriveâ„¢ excels when used in conjunction with rigid and semi-rigid surfaces. Traditional limitations such as placement, panel size and flexibility are no longer constraints. The SolidDriveâ„¢ has no moving coils, cones or surrounds. This makes the SolidDriveâ„¢ extremely reliable to withstand abusive environments and maintain a long service life.

Price: $499.99
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