Solar powered Apple i-devices in the making?

MacRumors discovered a patent application that shows that Apple is looking into integrating solar power into their handhelds and laptops. The most interesting part of this, apart from the green benefits, is that the solar panel could be potentially integrated into the LCD screen themselves, laying right under the glass and LCD layers of the screens.

If Apple pulls this off, this could be the move that gets me to switch my laptop to a Mac. I’m hardly a Windows zealot, but application support has had me sticking to Win32 for a long time, and now that XP has proven its relative stability, I hardly care to switch (the pretty graphics don’t tempt me). However, I’m keenly aware of my carbon footprint, and if there’s a way for me to reduce that without a real decrease in utility, then I’ll gladly use the Windows emulation environment if I have to.

via MacRumors

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