Soda Can Robot Kit

Soda Can Robot Kit Playing with your food is fun (the burger monster helping you drink your Bawls and such). But what happens when lunch is over and all that is left is some balled up wrappers and an empty soda can? That’s when it’s time to start playing with your trash! Luckily, the empty soda can is a perfect fit for the Soda Can Robot Kit you just put together. And the burger wrapper? Make a hat and get ready to play.

The Soda Can Robot kit is an easy to assemble, no-soldering-required kit of pure joy. Just follow the instructions (some of the best we’ve even seen) and slip in a soda can to act as the body. Flip the on switch and your Soda Can Robot will begin vibrating and jittering around your desk. And if you don’t have an empty soda can, you can always use the Soda Can Robot to shake up a full one. Then, give it to your boss. After the soda has exploded all over him or her, you’ll be free to use the empty can for your Robot. Your boss will laugh and give you a raise (boss’ reactions will vary).


Suggested Price: $12.99

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