Smarthome SecureLinc II Wireless Security System

Smarthome SecureLinc II Wireless Security System

It used to be that the most effective protection of a home required installing a labor-intensive, hardwired security system. Those days are now history, thanks to Smarthome’s SecureLinc II Wireless Security System, a full-featured, customizable security system that connects in a fraction of the time of hardwired systems and includes everything you’ll need to get your home security started. No complicated wiring or cabling is required! Just plug the main unit in, mount the wireless sensors in the zones you want to protect, and you’re ready to program the system.

Key Features:

  • Safeguard your home without installing wires and cables
  • Automatically calls you with a recorded message if alarm is activated
  • Arm or disarm using a keychain remote or over the phone
  • Customizable, easy to install, program and maintain

Programming is easy, using the large, backlit buttons and the LCD screen. You have the option of testing or arming the system at a predefined time, and the siren can squawk when armed or disarmed if you so choose. The SecureLinc II Wireless Security System supports 29 wireless zones and one hardwired zone and a 100-event log. Additional features include a silent/audible panic alarm, two-way voice/listen in enabling options, and even voice response.

Verify the status of lighting devices, reprogram security functions, and even control their home appliances and lighting anywhere and any time. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can easily access the SecureLinc II Wireless Security System via SMS, e-mail, mobile and regular phones, or a secure web application.

When it detects an alarm signal from one of the wireless sensors, the system blasts an 85dB siren that not only alerts your family, but sends would-be thieves fleeing. In addition, you can program it to call any private phone number (i.e.: a friend or neighbor, your office, your wireless phone, etc.) and play a pre-recorded message in your own voice. It doesn’t even need its own dedicated phone line! It also supports 24-hour monitoring by commercial alarm monitoring personnel, who can dispatch police, fire or medical response (depending on the type of alert it receives). It can even call you for non-alarm events. For example, want to know that your kids arrived home safely from school? The system can call you at the office to let you know that your child successfully disarmed the alarm.

The SecureLinc II Wireless Security System supports up to eight individual user codes, so each member of your household can have an independent code ID. It also doubles as a message center, so you can hear and leave messages up to 20 seconds for other family members. User names for codes 5-8 can be recorded and will be played during a Latchkey report.

For maximum convenience, SecureLinc can even operate 15 X10-controlled lights or appliances (or 15 groups of lights or appliances), including 2-way appliances and those with dim/bright features. In addition to scheduling your X10 appliances to prepare your home for your arrival at night or from a vacation, you can also use the X10 timer function to make your home look occupied when you’re away. Or you can have it turn the X10-controlled porch light on for four minutes when you arm or disarm the system, so that you’ll never have to enter or leave your house in the dark. Note: To access these features, you’ll need the optional X10 Cable & Interface (#73907), sold separately.

The SecureLinc II Wireless Security System comes standard with one four-button wireless keyfob, two wireless magnetic window/door contacts, and one 40-Pound Pet Immune Wireless Motion Detector, but additional contacts, detectors and keyfobs may be purchased separately. Transmit signals to your SecureLinc II Wireless Security System using the Keyfob Transmitter. Upon pressing any of the four recessed buttons, this keyfob transmits a CodeSecureâ„¢ digital sequence along with a 4-bit function code associated with the button that was pressed. Different digital sequences are transmitted each time, so that malicious code grabbing is almost impossible. The included Wireless PIR Detector is a compact, animal-immune detector, so pets up to 40 pounds won’t set off the alarm. With a coverage area of 30 by 30 feet, this fully supervised detector will keep an eye on your home when you’re not around. Upon detection of an intruder, the on-board transmitter instantly sends an alert to the SecureLinc II Wireless Security System.

Price: $229.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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