Sling Media Slingbox

Sling Media Slingbox

Slingbox was featured as a Gizmo of the Day back in September, but we have to feature it as part of the “12 Gizmos of Christmas” as people that know about this product want this product.

Slingbox place-shifts (instead of TiVo’s time-shifting) so you can watch TV and control even your TiVo from a PC either down the hall or on travel with your laptop. This is the current ultimate gizmo for geeks!

Turn every PC into a TV: The Slingbox lets you view and control your TV programming via your computer as if you were sitting in your living room, watching your TV source and using its own remote control. You can even use the Slingbox and a broadband network connection to view your video source from outside your home.

SlingRemoteâ„¢ technology: When you connect a device to your Slingbox, the remote control buttons for this device appear on your PC screen. Using the virtual remote control on the screen, you’ll be able to control any TV source that’s connected to the Slingbox. If a DVR is connected, for example, SlingRemote lets you play your recorded programs, control the action—even schedule recordings.

SlingBarâ„¢ technology: Watch TV while surfing the Web, writing an email or working on a spreadsheet. Using the SlingPlayer application, the video window and the SlingRemote can be docked to one side of the PC screen. Then SlingBar will dynamically resize your PC desktop to fit the remaining screen space.

SlingStreamâ„¢ technology: SlingStream provides the best possible video by continuously monitoring the connection speed and dynamically adjusting the video compression ratios to match your available network bandwidth.

PC requirements: Windows® XP Home/Pro/MCE/2000, Pentium® 4 1GHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 100MB of free HD space, 24-bit graphics card, 16-bit sound card, CD-ROM drive, 10/100 Ethernet network connection.

Network requirements: Any of the following—router, cable or DSL modem (for out-of-home viewing), 256Kbps upstream speed (higher recommended).

Audio/video requirements: Any of the following—analog cable, antenna/RF, digital cable set top box, satellite receiver or digital video recorder.

Price: $249.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)