Are you the type of person that sets two alarm clocks or has your alarm clock located across the bedroom so you have to get up and move to turn off the awful buzzing sound? If not, do you just simply have problems some mornings waking up?

The Sleeptracker is a alarm device and watch that you can set to be a standard alarm or the Sleeptracker can monitor your body at night and keep track of optimal waking times. You can set a window up to 30 minutes to wake you when you body would be most receptive to waking up.

In addition, the Sleeptracker keeps nightly data tracking your movements to compare how restless your sleep was.

Worn like an everyday watch, Sleeptracker is ideal for anyone who wants to wake up alert, such as frequent travelers, business people or students with fluctuating schedules, or busy moms who just need to wake up easily. Set the alarm time and the alarm window for 0 to 30 minutes (at 0 minutes, it functions as a standard alarm). Sleeptracker monitors your body for optimal waking moments and gently wakes you at the moment when you’re most alert during that set window of time.

Sleeptracker can also help you discover how well you sleep at night, so you can adjust your habits to get better rest. Using an accelerometer, Sleeptracker monitors for brief moments of movement during your lighter stages of sleep and records them. The next morning, you can review this data to see how restfully you’ve slept. Sleeptracker stores 8 hours of sleep data each night.

Sleeptracker not only tracks your sleep activity, but it also performs the functions of an ordinary watch, telling the time, day, and date. Convenient for swimmers and divers, Sleeptracker is water-resistant up to 20 meters.

Price: $148.95
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