Self-Refridgerating Can

This is wicked cool 😉 A self-cooling can. The I.C. Can was invented by Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings. The I.C. Can is approximately 500ml large and holds 300ml of liquid and can cool down the contained beverage by 30° Fahrenheit in just about 3 minutes. The liquid inside stays at whatever the external temperature is, until the seal between the 2 internal compartments is broken by twisting the bottom of the can. Once the seal is broken, the natural desiccant within the vacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator in the top compartment and is absorbed into the insulated heat-sink container in the bottom.

Tempra claims their design is 100% safe and environmentally-friendly; easy to operate, store and transport. To their credit, the can uses no carbon dioxide, CFC, HFC, or any other compressed gas; just a dessicant and evaporation as the cooling mechanism. Tempra and Crown are working to commercialize their product, so don’t expect to see your favorite soda showing up in their cans anytime soon, and definitely not in your typical retail outlets at anywhere close to the prices you currently pay. But it will still be welcome technology for situations where it is much needed.

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